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/ June 22, 2016 /
it is still dark and yet everybody is awake. all is in festive mood. i can see men hurrying to empty their cups of coffee before the ceremony starts. i hold on to my own, a cup of freshly brewed tea. i smile as i remember years ago, i would scout the supermarket for new flavors of tea. now, it helps that i have my own little garden where i just can pick tea leaves, dry and brew them. ahh. memories. sometimes they just hit you like the first sip of tea in the morning.

i walk around, shaking hands with old friends, kissing the women, making little jokes. i smile at the man i met in the bookstore years ago, he grins like the first time i saw him. i see a younger man checking the tie of another. everything and everyone is ready, i think.
the east welcomes the first peek of the sun, the grass, heavy with dewdrops, sway sleepily to the breeze. the trees stand in silence, the flowers bloom in anticipation. it is starting to be a beautiful day for a wedding.

i stand there, a witness to this union. it is just a simple one. i listen to their vows, exchange their i do's. someone on the opposite aisle wipes a stray tear, i hear a sniff at the back. claps erupt as they are declared a couple.

against a backdrop of the beautiful sunrise in varying shades of pink, hints of yellow, several slivers of purple, i see two men kissing, a seal of their new beginning. i discreetly wipe my eyes, the man standing next to me, the one i met at the bookstore, holds my hand, and we look at our son, proudly kissing his husband.

- this is an imagined world 30 years to the future.i wrote this as a tribute to the many lives we lost in orlando massacre and to the many other souls we lost because of hate. the road is long for acceptance, but in the end, love will win. we owe this to them and to our future children.


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